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Eda Goksel has worked as senior graphic designer for the last 8 years at Wells Fargo Bank—designing large scale, digitally produced historical murals for its branches. She also served as Brand Steward to manage brand compliance in her department. Currently as a Design MBA student at CCA, Eda is focusing on developing her capacity to inspire and lead with social consciousness, and design sustainable services and products that will create disruptive innovations and experiences.

She was born in Turkey and she grew in Istanbul where she earned her BA in Graphic Design. After her move to San Francisco in 2001, her interest in film and photography led her to study Cinema at CCSF. She continues to collaborate with independent filmmakers within her community. Eda has the heart of an explorer in search for authentic moments. She loves playing and watching tennis, brainstorming, and planning food/culture outings for her friends. She is secretly proud of her magnet collection from her travels.