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Anssi Grekula

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My name is Anssi. I'm a husband and a human, currently living in Helsinki, Finland.

I'm a digital all-rounder with broad amateur experience in the cyberspace and beyond. Be it coding, photoshopping, video editing, powerpointing, social media marketing, designing concepts, content strategy, 3D modeling, designing digital services, or excel-clicking, I've at least tried 'em all. I'm ready and able to learn more about all those and other stuff as well.

I'm interested in how the new media & ICT affect people's social lives and vice versa, also in developing countries. Therefore I study Digital services & Media at Aalto University School of Science and Sociology at Uni. Helsinki. Another field of my interest is theology, mainly contemporary Christian culture & mission.

To see what I've been up to, please check out my Projects below.