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Greetings, my name is André and I'm writing from Curitiba, south Brazil. I’m a graphic designer and a enthusiast about creative matters. I'm graduated in social communication for a year now and I say I have a decent perspective into design, creativity and entrepreneurship. Since the day one of my graduation program I worked with advertising as an art director and even as a copywriter at Brazilian agencies. Since then I have been enhancing my interest and skills as a creative professional.

In the past two years and a half, I have been working as a designer for an investment consulting firm (CWB CAPITAL) focused on building shareholders value. Our portfolio is filled with service companies from social impact investments to SPA services, venture capital funds and startups within the tech sector. I have recently become an Angel Investor as well, putting seed money on ideas I helped design myself.

My experience working with services showed me that creativity, empathy, and collaboration are the most valuable features you can aspire. Today I aim for a new perspective of my own skills, and I have a strong belief in my potential to foster innovation and transformative power for companies.