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Andrea Monson

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A design lover, MBA graduate, willing to put together creativity, innovation, health and strategic thinking towards how users can have the best experience ever.
Just came back to Brazil from Milan, expecting to experiment the world, always learning something, always thinking in different possibilities and points of view.
Passionate about creating value to the world and helping people to live better, in a most fun way as possible. An inquisitive and unquiet mind.
Interested on hearing and learning from people, as well as trying to understand preferences and behavior patterns. Someone who loves to observe, research and question the status quo.
Initially graduated in medicine and surgery, and then entered into management. From 2008, an interest in design has gradually grown, what lead to readings, lectures and ultimately to a concentration in Design and Luxury in the MBA.
Driven by continuous self-knowledge and self-improvement, as well as by helping others.
Fan of different cultures and languages.
While still young, willing to move to other countries.
Closely connected to voluntary activities.