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It's almost time to Jam!

on Sun, 03/04/2018 - 00:44

It's just a few days to the Jam, and we are still welcoming new locations (Yes, you can still add a location to the Jam! Read our lightweight intro page or the FAQ to find out more).

Soon Hosts will be opening doors, Jammers will be arriving, meeting each other, seeing the Secret Theme, finding problems to address, signing up teams on Planet Jam, hitting the streets to research, generating ideas, building prototypes, and sharing them with the world...  At the same time, they will be learning news skills, making new friends, finding new collaborators and having a great weekend!  Because #thisiswhywejam!

See you there! :)  Or if you can't make it, follow the Jam on social media with the hashtag #GSJam!