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Hosting a Jam (next Jam is 17-19 February)

on Sat, 12/31/2016 - 19:58


Hosting a Jam can be very rewarding.  It will bring you into contact with amazing people, teach you more than you thought you could learn, can help you spread the news of design-based approaches to innovation, and is amazing fun! And most importantly: how much work you do is up to you.
Some Hosts work for a whole year to prepare a Jam, others set it up in a couple of hours... Both ways can work – or perhaps you prefer something in between.
Imagine you were organising a birthday party - you could print invitations, order catering, decorate the room, book a band, provide costumes and organise games, or you could just say "Saturday, my place, everyone bring pizza". Jams are the same. You can have a full service Jam with everything taken care of, with food, mentors, lectures and printed materials, or you can just open a space and say "let's do this together guys!"
So the bare minimum you need is:
  • workspace - a room to jam in. This can be an office, an apartment, a coworking space, a boat, your kitchen...
  • connectivity - internet connections so everyone can upload their work and stay in touch with the rest of the Global Jam.
  • physical requirements - you will probably want to have light, heat, toilets, power and the rest.
  • willingness to keep the rules and check into the useful Host community now and again.
  • no experience! There is a support network of Hosts to help you through your first Jam.

Anything on top of that is up to you. You can help your Jammers through the process (recommended, and yes, it's possible without any experience), or you can let them organise themselves. You can provide catering, or just tell them where the supermarket is. It's your Jam. :)

Every Host is supported by the worldwide community of other Hosts, who share resources, support and motivation generously. There is even a Handbook full of great advice to get you started.

Interested?  Why not sign up now and announce your Jam? Putting your Jam on the Global website is not a promise to Jam, it is just telling the world that you are trying. If it doesn't come together, no problem! But it does mean that people in your town and nearby will see your Jam and might get in touch. They might want to attend, offer help, offer space... they might even have Jammed before.

Why not have a try? We think you will love it!
Start here. Then go to the Locations tab and click the big "+" to add your Jam. We will take it from there. :)