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It’s over, folks, it’s over.

on Sun, 03/09/2014 - 23:28

It's over. Global Service Jam 2014 is over.

This is the ninth time we have written those words, as they (or something very like them) have closed every Jam since the first Global Service Jam in 2011. In those three short years, the Global Jams - Service, Sustainabillity and Gov - have grown and evolved. Where three years ago we fought to persuade people to stop discussing and start building, now our “doing not talking” mantra can remain unsaid. It has entered the DNA of the Jam and is understood by even the newest Jammers and hosts. People are on their feet, people are out on the streets - building, testing, breaking and building again. And they are having fun while being productive in ways they never thought possible. It is wonderful to see.

That is not our doing. That is the Jam. It is the hundreds of Hosts (over 320 names were on our organisers’ list in this Jam) who spend their own time making this happen, and add thier own creativity to the advice of their peers and forerunners. It is the Mentors and Experts who freely donate the skills they normally sell because they want to share. It is the sponsors who decide that this strange little event is worth their support and implicit approval. And it is the Jammers from six continents who are willing, over and over again, to throw energy, intelligence, openness and heart into this endeavour.

No-one makes a cent out of the Jam (except perhaps some local pizza shops and sticky-note salesmen). It’s simply amazing - an event in well over 100 marvellous locations run on a budget of nearly nothing. It only works because of generous people.

Thank you to the amazing Global HQ team who gave up way more than just 48 hours - without even getting to play. Ruth (RM) in Australia, Ren Chang (RC) in Malaysia, Ana (AML) who travelled from Italy to be in Finland, Tim (TO) in Sweden, Andi (AF) and Anna-Lena (AL) in Germany, and Natashe (NP) in Brazil. Your reward was sleepness nights, sore eyes, stiff backs - and our enormous gratitude, always. Thank you to our special video guests Paul, Belina and Matt who gave us new improvisational ways to play and grow this time.

Thank you to the Secret Global Council who helped create our most innovative Secret Theme yet. Thank you to the Hosts, Experts, Mentors, Judges and everyone else who gave of themselves for the Jammers. Thank you all! There will be more Jams coming soon, and we hope to see you there, adding your creativity and experience to the Jammer’s passion. Please help us fan this fire!

But most of all, as always, we must thank the Jammers. People from so many different backgrounds, with many different expectations and needs, all willing to throw themselves into the unknown in the hope of sharing, learning, meeting, and experiencing a weekend of fun. Where we failed, you forgave us. And if we succeeded, it was you who made it real.

We are tired, we are sore, we have work in the morning. We need to sleep. But we are thrilled and humbled by what you all have made the Jam.

Take the time to visit Planet Jam and look at some of the amazing prototypes and uploads there. Share your thoughts and comments with your fellow Jammers.

We will see you again at the Global GovJam in the first week of June, 2014.

But until then, it’s over, folks, it's over,

Global HQ, over and out. JAM OFF.

Your Adam and Markus

P.S. Oh, just one more thing. In the next few days, we will announce the dates of TWO new Jams. Keep watching! ;)