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Help an Elder: Making digital transition easier for elderly


Our previous generation who are still offline, finds the recent digital developments overwhelming. Although, they are aspiring to use the latest mode of communication and explore the convenience, they lack a service support that can ease the transition and help them embrace digital technology. Our prototype aims to address the issues identified during User interactions including security, skill-set, incentive and fear of unknown.


initial prototype of the physical e-wallet device and other touchpoints Image icon 5 prototype IMG_20170218_190056.jpg Documentation of prototype
Roleplaying to understand customer journey better Image icon 4 roleplaying IMG_20170218_165649.jpg Documentation of prototype
user journey (first half) Image icon 4 user journey IMG_20170218_185954.jpg Customer journey
After creating 4 personas from the research insights, 2 were selected Image icon 2 persona IMG_20170218_120200.jpg, Image icon 2b persona selected IMG_20170218_170305.jpg Persona
Insights from interviews Image icon 1 insights IMG_20170218_120315.jpg Insights
Final Prototype- Process Explanantion File helder movie_comp.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Touchpoints Image icon WhatsApp Image 2017-02-19 at 2.56.55 PM.jpeg Documentation of prototype