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Hello..Light it Up

Everyone is a stranger until we say...Hello


Everyone is a stranger until we say...Hello

The concept is pretty simple. Nowadays, shy introverts are less inclined to introduce themselves or get to know people outside the virtual world, to be honest we all need a little help sometime, the world is a tough place, everyone is a stranger till you meet them, having a friend makes it a lot easier, all we need is a "HELLO".

We invented a service to be used at the beginning of events. It gets complete strangers united for a common goal, which is, to open the exclusive part of the venue that opens only by increased interaction between them, communicating in all forms of it, with team work or a conversation.

Like in any event people will get badges or bracelets at the beginning. These will contain sensors for nearby voices. The more a person works with other people, the more fluorescent his/her sensor becomes.

a service that can be used and adapted in the future to be an application, a software used in schools, business and any other gatherings.

The sensors' statuses are reflected cumulatively on a huge "HELLO" billboard. People will get hyped up by working together to make the word "HELLO" light up fully.

Rewarded by a surprise at the event with unlocking a mystery section, making friends and above all else utilizing connections to broaden horizons and connect to change the world with new found understanding of one another.


Hello..Light It Up File GSJ VID 2.mp4 Pitch presentation