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A service to inspire and empower people to become global citizens of "good actions".


As people most of the times just receive "bad news" from media, people are starting to loose faith in other persons and become indifferent. Our awareness is on "bad stories".

We want to use positive psychology to create social change and promote a more inclusive society through "Positive Diversity Awareness".

Our solution, CITYZEN is a service that inspires and empower people to become Global Good Citizens.

A Global Good Citizen, is a person who is inclusive and empatic to others cultures. He/she values the diversity and looks to create value and help others around him/her.

CITZYEN is a network of "good deeds" that inspires you with "captured moments of people´s good actions" and invites you to do the same.

* Capture and share "good deed" of strangers or yourself
* Vote for the "good actions" that move you more.
* Receive incentives or rewards of brands to keep helping.

The global service will start in the US. as there is a climate of indifference and segregation of minorities.


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