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Community Translator Service.


An app that lets you hire translators from different language backgrounds to help you experience their country the right way.

in addition to language, volunteers in this app, who will clear certification courses to be able to help the user not only understand the language , but also the culture.

It's a community where people help each other learn their cultures through workshops.

we aim to solve the problem of miscommunication and general misconduct.
Be it in the business world or during personal interactions between people from diverse cultures.

If You are a tourist or a business professional , when you set your destination location, you will be able to view nearby certified volunteers who can help you conduct professional meetings and guide you through various salutations and customs specific to that area.

Let's start a community that
unites the world using cultural diversities
and break language barriers.


concept presentation through interactive User Interface Based game Image icon IMG_20170219_152505.jpg Pitch presentation
Customers trying out the user interface through an interactive post it based game Image icon IMG_20170219_151120.jpg Insights
making the user interface design to test with actual users using post its. Image icon IMG_20170219_150131.jpg Other
journey study Image icon New Doc 18_4.jpg Customer journey
journey Image icon New Doc 18_3.jpg Insights
persona Image icon New Doc 18_1.jpg, Image icon New Doc 18_2.jpg Persona
breaking language and cultural barriers through the logo Image icon linguistik slide.jpg Pitch presentation
flow chart Image icon linguistik slide 2.jpg Service blueprint
logo Image icon linguistik final logo.jpg Business model