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Information Ecosystem

They way we connect and communicate.


Some people lost, even lost in translation, even more.. no connection for your gadget. So, we want to help people in such condition, so they feel safe and sound because being served by the ecosystem.

Here, we try to design an ecosystem, specifically in information ecosystem. How design a service so people with the information, like how to get it and how to consume it.


prototype testing Image icon 20170219_121202.jpg Research data
Preparing for user & usability testing Image icon IMG_20170219_122046.jpg Other
Prototype of journey and information center Image icon IMG_20170219_115255.jpg Documentation of prototype
Landmark of Information Center Image icon IMG_20170219_135820.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Journey of visitor - How they find information center Image icon IMG_20170219_140010.jpg Customer journey
Prototype testing Image icon IMG_0729.JPG Research data
Ideation Image icon IMG_20170218_175407.jpg Insights
HMW - phase 2 + Ideation Image icon IMG_20170218_175400.jpg Insights
HMW - phase 1 Image icon IMG_20170218_150450.jpg Insights
Categorize of technology, interaction and emotion Image icon IMG_20170218_104735.jpg Research data