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Online Taxi

To make a better experience for users to ride with online taxi and offline taxi


Journey to deal a pick up point between user and taxi driver


Problem's breakdown to decide 'how might we' Image icon P_20170219_144930.jpg Insights
Welfie with team Image icon IMG_20170219_143752.jpg Other
The process of building prototype Image icon IMG_20170218_173335.jpg Documentation of prototype
Prototype testing Image icon IMG_0716.JPG Research data
Passenger and driver journey Image icon IMG_20170219_134830.jpg Customer journey
User testing Image icon IMG_20170219_133739_BURST001_COVER.jpg Documentation of prototype
The Prototype Image icon IMG_20170219_123115.jpg Documentation of prototype
Interview with taxi online driver Image icon IMG_0647.JPG Research data
Field research Image icon IMG_0646.JPG Research data