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What jamming in Essen looks like ;-)

How, where, who, crazy?


We are in the neighborhood and trying, doing, from time to time talking, laughing and

.....................say HELLO?LO?O.

How do we say Hello to our neighbors????!!!!!!!......


having fun! Image icon _DSC1601.JPG, Image icon IMG_5359.JPG, Image icon IMG_5367.JPG Insights
Hello Hats to say more often Hello! Image icon IMG_5381.JPG, Image icon IMG_5383.JPG, Image icon IMG_5388.JPG, Image icon IMG_5387.JPG, Image icon IMG_5393.JPG, Image icon IMG_5415.JPG, Image icon IMG_5413.JPG, Image icon IMG_5419.JPG Research data
How we jam :-) Image icon IMG_5444.JPG Insights
Jammed at Service Jam Essen.

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