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Ways to say HELLO.

What can saying HELLO change?


We try to create a service to communicate HELLO.

Ways to communicate HELLO:

_going outside

We help people to communicate HELLO in different ways.

Therefore HELLO? becomes Hello!

We encourage people to say Hello more often and in more creative ways to reconnet the world.

What can you think about?!

Check out how we say Hello in our movie.


this and that to start doing funny things Image icon _DSC1617.JPG, Image icon _DSC1606.JPG, Image icon IMG_5398.JPG, Image icon IMG_5494.JPG Insights
hello tray File The_HELLO_Tray_JAM_Essen.m4v Pitch presentation
The HELLO-Tray File The_HELLO_Tray_JAM_Essen.wmv Pitch presentation
Jammed at Service Jam Essen.

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