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Team Empath



em·pa·thy (noun):
the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

We feel that nowadays people don't really listen to each other and communication becomes very hard. In order to communicate well, we need to understand the other persons' point of view. This requires empathy, which we feel the world lacks. We would like to improve communication by teaching empathy.


Our process 2 Image icon 20170218_161925.jpg Other
Co-Path (Empath) Co-Branding Agency File Empaths Co-Branding Final.m4v Pitch presentation
Our process Image icon 20170219_135056.jpg Documentation of prototype
Wip Image icon IMG_6451.JPG, Image icon IMG_6443.JPG, Image icon IMG_6460.JPG, Image icon IMG_6461.JPG, Image icon IMG_6462.JPG, Image icon IMG_6471.JPG Documentation of prototype
Documenting documenting documenting Image icon IMG_6727.JPG Documentation of prototype