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Make your mind resonate.


Hello? lo? o? o.

Everybody is talking, nobody is listening. In order to listen to the echo of society, you need to listen to yourself first.

This is why we created icho - a visual communication tool. icho is a collaborative platform where everyone can share a piece of art (fine art, picture, sketch, voice, sound, words) and co-create on any space shared by the community. Upload any file, share it and collaborate with the icho community.

Make your mind resonate. icho.


Alan Wang
Shankar Rao
Victoria Grüninger
Dan Fenelon
Suma Balaram


What we presented on the last day File icho_finalpresentation.mp4 Pitch presentation
Preprototype Testing - 1 File PreprototypeTesting_1.m4v Research data
Posters - interviews insights - prototyping Image icon IMG_2611.jpg, Image icon IMG_2612.jpg, Image icon IMG_2613.jpg, Image icon IMG_2614.jpg, Image icon IMG_2615.jpg, Image icon IMG_2616.jpg, Image icon IMG_2618.jpg, Image icon IMG_2619.jpg, Image icon IMG_2620.jpg, Image icon IMG_2621.jpg, Image icon IMG_2623.jpg, Image icon IMG_2624.jpg, Image icon IMG_2625.jpg, Image icon IMG_2626.jpg Research data
Pictures friday Image icon IMG_2595.jpg, Image icon IMG_2596.jpg, Image icon IMG_2597.jpg, Image icon IMG_2598.jpg, Image icon IMG_2599.jpg, Image icon IMG_2600.jpg, Image icon IMG_2601.jpg Insights