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Hello Family

A funny game to strengthen your family's spirit



Fascination & Value:
Connect to your family with all your senses
Feel the family’s spirit
Experience different roles
Togetherness and support instead of competition

Licensed Fool
Jolly Fellow
Motion Detective

1-2 Dice
Playing field
4 Task Areas (red, yellow, blue, green):
Family Assignment
Single Assignment
Partnership Assignment (2 different directions)

Course of the game:
• The first dice throw defines your starting position and role
• The number of points you throw with the dice is the number of squares you may move
• Variant 1: You reach a colored square. Pick a card from the associated stack and fulfill the task.
• Variant 2: You reach a blank square. Invent a task for the other players (specific family members or the whole family).
• You can choose your own path, forward or backward.
• The family decides how long they want to play and when the game ends. Within 3 dice rounds all family members have to reach the center of the board. The condition to finish the game successfully is to create, agree on and fulfill a final family activity or challenge.

Music source: Jon Watts, a burden of vision (instrumental).


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