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Giving a voice to asylum seekers


We are in the early stages of exploring the various touch points on the journey of the asylum seeker, approached from multiple angles:

1. The asylum seeker and their first experiences in Australia.

2. The general Australian public and their views / reactions to Syrian refugees arriving in the country

So far, we have mapped out these journeys and created our first prototype by hitting the streets with a large board representing the refugees and asking strangers to write their views on a Post-It and post it on the board under "POSITIVES" or "CONCERNS".

In the 6-7 groups we spoke to, we found that ALL people had an opinion on the situation, most of which leaned towards the grounds of compassion and empathy. At least 3 groups said they had "no concerns" about refugees.

The most concerned person was an Irish man in his early 30's who feared "things would go the way of Europe".

We are still in the process of gathering feedback to better understand the points of collision that can be solved via service design.


No files have been submitted in this project yet.

Jammed at Sydney Service Jam.

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