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Project Kindness

Projecting kindness through random acts of kindness


Encouraging people to create a positive impact on the lives of others, one random act of kindness at a time.


Social Media Challenge - #ProjectKindness Image icon 16805087_10154284272750770_605266595_o.jpg, Image icon 16810039_10154284272715770_1499267789_o.jpg, Image icon 16810590_10154284272415770_1549472112_o.jpg, Image icon 16810848_10154284272695770_2092708400_o.jpg Documentation of prototype
A video highlighting our prototype and our concept for Project Kindness File PROJECT KINDNESS FINAL.mp4 Pitch presentation
development of project kindness Image icon OI000001.jpg, Image icon OI000002.jpg, Image icon OI000003.jpg, Image icon OI000004.jpg, Image icon OI000005.jpg, Image icon OI000006.jpg, Image icon OI000009.jpg, Image icon OI000010.jpg, Image icon OI000011.jpg, Image icon OI000012.jpg, Image icon OI000013.jpg, Image icon OI000014.jpg Documentation of prototype