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Giving The Voiceless A Voice


We are a brand that take a stand for the voiceless. We are here to support and encourage those without a voice.

Challenge 1: Students entering a new school and the anxiety they face. How can we re-arrange the typical journey of entering a new school so that the child feels more at ease and lower the potential for that child feeling lonely / isolated on their first day.

Solution: WIP

1. Changing the journey so that the teacher meets the student before the first day of school.

2. This first interaction will involve a conversation that is structured around a set of questions highlighting key interests and facets of the student's personality.

3. The results from these conversations are entered into an application which then uses algorithms based on the personality data to determine where the child would best be placed in the classroom on day one of school.

4. The child is asked to create a sticker that represents them / their hobbies / interests, and to prepare an explanation of it for the first day of school.

5. The teacher creates a customised handshake/hi-five

6. The teacher reconnects with the students with their custom hi-five on the first day. Students feel relieved because of the familiarity / connection and a sense that they are valued.

7. Name tags on desks direct students to their appropriate seats on the first day

8. The children are invited to participate in an icebreaker activity where they must quiz other children on their stickers and explain their own. The purpose of this activity is to foster self expression and for children to connect with those with similar interests.


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