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Would you like to have fun while driving, is it long distance and boring to your work!!! Fun_Nav is here for y


Mobile application that integrated with Google maps, your favorite products audio, music and audio books.

Application has a voice interactive future that will interact with you before you start the navigation to select some audio contents that will match the time for the journey.

Based on the period of the journey, application will play some motivation and inspirational quotes.

Quotes will be played if there is a delay on the journey or a traffic jam and once the driver arrived the application will wish him a nice day and it will be waiting for him to take him back home or to what ever destination.


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Pitch presentation video File VID-20170218-WA0047.mp4 Pitch presentation
Pitch presentation PDF icon FUNAV APP PRESENTATION 6.pdf Pitch presentation
Prototype Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0059.jpg Documentation of prototype
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Customer Journey Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0057.jpg Customer journey
Persona Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0058.jpg Persona
Prototype Image icon 20170218_165527.jpg Documentation of prototype
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Jammed at Riyadh Service Jam.

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