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an application that enhances the emergency assessing process


The idea of this application is to provide the paramedics with previous medical history of the patient at the scene by linking his fingerprint to the data base. This application would also facilitate the process through detecting the location of the emergency case and it'll result in reducing the time that is usually to locate the exact place.


Survey results about how people react in case of emergency PDF icon First-Research-evaluation.pdf Research data
Prototype showing how the reporter can send report in 2 main steps File Urgent-app-reporter.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Testing the prototype with actual users PDF icon Urgent-prototype-evaluation.pdf Documentation of prototype
A simple prototype showing how the paramedic using the service to support the patient File urnget-proj-Paramedic.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Logo Image icon image1 (1).JPG Documentation of prototype
prototype Image icon IMG_3576.JPG, Image icon IMG_3578.JPG, Image icon IMG_3579.JPG Documentation of prototype
user story Image icon IMG_3574.JPG, Image icon IMG_3575.JPG Other
Team Name Image icon IMG_20170218_150705[1].jpg Insights
Initial App interface Image icon IMG_20170218_150407[1].jpg Service blueprint
Brainstorming Final Image icon IMG_20170218_150125[1].jpg Other
The user perspective needed to improve the service Image icon IMG_20170218_144547[1].jpg, Image icon IMG_20170218_144611[1].jpg, Image icon IMG_20170218_144650_1[1].jpg Insights
- Image icon IMG_3560.JPG Research data
Brainstorming Image icon IMG_3558.JPG, Image icon IMG_3556.JPG, Image icon IMG_3557.JPG, Image icon IMG_3563.JPG, Image icon IMG_3569.JPG Other
Customer journey Image icon IMG_3559.JPG, Image icon IMG_3554.JPG Customer journey
Team Work Image icon IMG_3547.JPG, Image icon IMG_3549.JPG, Image icon IMG_3566.JPG, Image icon IMG_3555.JPG Other