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Roll & Roll

Meeting new people, the funny way.


This project pretends to promote a set of parties, where meeting new people is the main objective. The differentiation from all other parties resides on the ice-breaking process, which starts even before the invitation phase and lasts until the end of the event.

Making use of humor and inviting all kinds of participation.


Ideas Image icon IMG_2284.JPG Documentation of prototype
Partying Image icon IMG_2283.JPG Documentation of prototype
Prototypes Image icon IMG_2281.JPG Documentation of prototype
Prototype 1 Image icon IMG_2280.JPG Documentation of prototype
Idea Image icon IMG_2279.JPG Other
Ideas Image icon IMG_2278.JPG Documentation of prototype
Phases Image icon IMG_2277.JPG Documentation of prototype
Tre business model canvas Image icon IMG_2276.JPG Business model
OB Image icon IMG_2275.JPG Insights
Party planner Image icon IMG_2274.JPG Persona
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