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Pop-up sayings

Bringing people back to traditional shops through local sayings.


We are a small island in the middle of the Atlantic and, like every other place, we created "our own words" for everyday things.
But as time went by, our sayings, the small traditional shops, the friendly hello, and all of the things that makes us who we are, got eradicated.
To solve this problem, we designed some signage with funny, curious "old street slang", to make people aware of their culture again, and make them shop at the local, small businesses (increasing their income).

Pop-up sayings, as the name indicates, tries to bring back local stores to life (by increasing customer flow, which also increases revenue), one at a time, by installing pop-up signage in its surroundings.
You can use your own traditional expressions to help rehabilitate your city too!


HOW TO build your own pop-up saying Image icon how-to-02.jpg Documentation of prototype
pop-up sayings Business Model Canvas Image icon IMG_20170218_173211.jpg Business model
Final prototype Image icon IMG_20170218_155903.jpg, Image icon IMG_20170218_155915.jpg Documentation of prototype
First idea/prototype being tested Image icon DSC04250.JPG Documentation of prototype
Testing the prototype Image icon IMG_20170218_154316.jpg, Image icon IMG_20170218_154329.jpg Documentation of prototype
Concept / Presentation Movie icon trim.B76BECC1-567A-4A7D-9809-5281CA7149F8.MOV Pitch presentation
First prototype - dismissed Image icon IMG_20170218_151816.jpg, Image icon IMG_20170218_151822.jpg, Image icon IMG_20170218_152018.jpg, Image icon IMG_20170218_152035.jpg Documentation of prototype
On the road II Image icon IMG_7396.JPG Customer journey
On the road Image icon IMG_7397.JPG Customer journey
Working Image icon IMG_7389.JPG Documentation of prototype
Problem Image icon FullSizeRender.jpg Documentation of prototype
building the prototype Image icon IMG_20170218_142331.jpg, Image icon IMG_20170218_142833.jpg, Image icon IMG_20170218_142819.jpg, Image icon IMG_20170218_141826.jpg Documentation of prototype