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Service for children medical care.


HOPsital is a hospital service dedicated for the children.
HOPsital contains from the tree main components.

Website with the sections for the parents and for the children. Section for the parents contains useful FAQ about the illness, how to prepare children for the hospital stay. Section for the children includes cartons about hospital made in the form of adventure.

Mobile app helping the children to direct their pains. By playing with avatar they would be able to show areas on their bodies where the pain or problems occurs. Doctors will have easier communication with the children. Goal of this game app will be to cure your avatar.

Dedicated interior and exterior design of the hospital building. Help from the animator person dressed as cartoon character. Special road signs, lines on the floor with directions. Rooms designed as bathtub, magic forest, underwater world will make children forget about their problems. Special VR animation designed to distract children from the stressful procedures.



Hopsital designing process PDF icon process.pdf Documentation of prototype