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Where is my elephant?

Bangkok's Experience


Traveling without internet connection would be difficult for travelers in finding direction to get to the landmarks in Bangkok. Our project, "Where is my elephant?" aims to improve travelers' experience in Bangkok by using our application to help leading the way for travelers to get to those landmarks. Just type in your destination into our application, there will be an elephant leads you the way to the place. Moreover, we put a series of cute elephant icons at the must visited landmarks around Bangkok. Lastly, we provide a log book for travelers to collect stamp, have fun while traveling and bring the log book home with you to keep as your memory in Thailand.

Here is what our elephant icons can do.

1. Icons to help recognize the landmarks around Bangkok.
2. Just by scanning QR code that is on the elephant icons, you can know the historical information of those place.
3. Free WIFI HOTSPOT which will allow you to serve on the internet to find any information the travellers wish.
4. Place to collect elephant stamp on your log book.

Lets come hunting our elephant icons !!!!


Kritsanapan Vikiniyatanee
Mingkhuan Hangboonsukkul
Natnicha Daengvirul
Phailin Udomtragoolvong
Tawit Kalayanamit

Music: Khun In - Off Beat Siam (


Bangkok's Experience for Travellers File Where is my elephant? (720p).mp4 Pitch presentation