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Touch Stop!

Touch me to the better future.


Bus is main transportation in Bangkok but there are lack of information for temporary users. Touch stop is kind of information center for those users to know the exactly which bus and how we can use them. Although, Touch stop is easy to use and to find because some bus stop in Bangkok are hard to know where are them and those temporary users can not know which bus will pass this stop! We are not only design the bus stop but also design the system of service. Our service mainly present which bus can take us to our destination and also show genera information of those bus. Use the bus, use Touch Stop! make the brighter Bangkok transportation. :)


Kanokwan Srisuporn (NOOK)
Angsumalin Sophajang (NOON)
Nattaphun Teerajarungkiat (BIG)
Aomruethai Lo-apirakkul (AOM)
Naruporn Pradyatanetkul (RAINBOW)


Exploration Image icon IMG_1676.JPG Persona
User Interview Image icon Interview_170219_0005.jpg, Image icon Interview_170219_0006.jpg, Image icon Interview_170219_0020.jpg Research data
Touch me for the better future. (use the bus use touch stop) Movie icon trim.DB6836B5-7ECD-430F-977C-D96C6BBCDC26.MOV Documentation of prototype