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Shortcut / escape from the burocracy labyrinth

How to support the documentation process for foreigners


A service that provide a guide for the foreigners through a smoother pathway based on his needs


Video presentation of the service File Escape-GSJ.mp4 Pitch presentation
Prototype Image icon IMG_5090.JPG Documentation of prototype
Prototype Image icon IMG_5089.JPG Documentation of prototype
First presentation of the service - we act a journey Image icon IMG_5088.JPG Other
Synthesis of the service Image icon IMG_5087.JPG Other
First insights Image icon IMG_5085.JPG Insights
First insights Image icon IMG_5084.JPG Insights
People working Image icon IMG_5083.JPG Other
Cluster tags to brainstorm Image icon IMG_5082.JPG Other
Talking about prototype Image icon IMG_1883.JPG Insights
Students looking at a prototype Image icon IMG_1881.JPG Insights
Jammed at JaminMilan.

Team members