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Food that brings families together


Nowadays we know that is pretty difficult to make children talk to parents because of all the tech distractions available. Thinking about it, we present FoodZilla, a funny way to prepare food with your family!

FoodZilla is a subscription service that delivers thematic foods for you to cook with your family. The box comes with all the necessary ingredients and a recipe with a funny storytelling.

Put all the good things together: family and food.


Video Presentation for Foodzilla, Food that Brings families together :) File Pinkzilla - Global Service Jam 2017.mp4 Pitch presentation
The storytelling recipe that comes with Foodzilla kit PDF icon Receita do melambote.pdf Documentation of prototype
Prototype made with Lego and play dough Image icon 20170219_092110.jpg, Image icon 20170219_095954.jpg, Image icon 20170219_095956.jpg, Image icon 20170219_102135.jpg, Image icon 20170219_102217.jpg, Image icon P_20170219_101841.jpg, Image icon P_20170219_101846.jpg, Image icon P_20170219_111929.jpg Documentation of prototype
Ideas Image icon IMG_20170218_164548.jpg Other
Mom's Customer Journey Image icon IMG_20170218_164534.jpg, Image icon IMG_20170218_164539.jpg Customer journey
Persona: mother, worker, with 7 years old child Image icon 16807461_10208805838843435_8919579117866001819_n.jpg, Image icon 16864448_10208805838803434_3702211685638518445_n.jpg, Image icon 16864125_10208805833523302_8095677816547882062_n.jpg Persona
Some Questions we made about the problem: Personal Relations decrease because of technology when people are near from each other Image icon P_20170218_144451.jpg Research data
Insight Cards Image icon P_20170217_205809.jpg, Image icon P_20170217_205357.jpg Insights
Insights about the theme : Hello?lo?o?o. Image icon P_20170217_203327.jpg Insights