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Sweeping booth

Why do we feel the streets cleaner is dirty ? Why he is not accessible to us?


Today the streets cleaner feel ashamed of his profession, he has no proper clothing, he has no place to keep his tools at the end of the day and should hide them, people feel discomfort to access him.
So we invented the sweeping-booth!. A unique booth for street cleaners. It connects to an existing bicycle facility in the public sphere.
There is a place to put the tools and uniforms and a mirror. The booth is used as the starting point for a cleaner, gives him a sense of belonging and importance and allowing passers-by to enter he's world and appreciate it.
At the same time they will held Workshops with the street cleaners which they will study from their experience and knowledge how their work tools really need to look and what is right for them.


our process and outcome PDF icon TLV Service Jam 2017.pdf Pitch presentation
Jammed at TLV Service Jam.

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