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Global project about bullying


Global project about preventing bullying and developing wellbeing and acceptance. Addressed to children, parents and teachers.
The main goal is to believe in yourself and accept others.
This could be implemented as a game, workshops and lessons at schools.
Also, there would be a web page to express your feelings with writing or video. There can be some kind of social media as well.
This web page will have private and public section. It will have supervision in videos and reliability with parents and teachers behind. There will be a section for parents to see videos of children explaining how they feel when they are bulled; in this way they will empathize with the kids. Optional: showing faces with masks and supporting each others commentsf and videos.
There will be also events where parents and children would show their feelings.
Relaxation moments will help children to discover their own feelings.
Programms include methods to improve positive behavior towards other people.

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project prototype ppt File Project_prototypes.pptx Documentation of prototype
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