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Cultural Bus Circus

Learning and teaching each others by exploring cultures and meeting new people.


Cultural Bus Circus Is all about learning from people from different backgrounds and it will be based on teamwork. The most important thing Is collaboration between people on the Bus and also outside during the event. We provide service that makes possible to share oppinions and ideas with new people from all over the world. Bus Is open for everyone; children, parents, families, seniors, students. Bus will stay at least three days in one city or a region.
Learning Is based on differnt kind of games, activities and lectures. But the most important thing Is to talk with new people and learn from them. In every city We have a BusOffice were you can custom made your own cultural expirience. We have no limits!


Customers File Culture Bus Circus Tour.mp4 Customer journey
Cultural Bus Circus - Journey File culture_bus_circus.mp4 Customer journey
The road of our bus Image icon cultural bus circus.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
First prototype - cultural bus circus Image icon 20170218_163057.jpg Documentation of prototype
First prototype - cultural bus circus Image icon 20170218_163049.jpg Documentation of prototype