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Istanbul Alien App

A survival app for aliens to Istanbul


Every year, Istanbul welcomes thousands of new immigrants - both Turkish and foreign. Finding basic information for how to survive in this new city is difficult, however; most important information spreads via word-of-mouth, and Turkish and foreign social circles rarely mix to share information.

With the Istanbul Alien App, both Turkish and foreign newcomers can find information on how to start their new life in the city (getting a residence permit, registering their address), find basic services (an English-speaking plumber, for example), and start to build social connections. They can use their phone's GPS to find newbie-friendly locations nearby.

The app also includes a button to flag yourself "an alien in need of help." Anyone nearby with the app installed will get a push notification that a fellow alien is in need and can get in touch with them to help them.

To feel like home in Istanbul, get the Istanbul Alien App today!


Video story of our Alien App File video-1487504805.mp4 Documentation of prototype