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Busking boxes

Connecting people through sound and space


We're creating vibrant pod-like spaces that will bring people and performers together in public for free. These structures will attempt to reduce noise pollution at a window level and project the sound further across street level. We also hope to promote the buskers/performers using these spaces by displaying a live social media feed within/on the space itself, as well as promoting local venues and events that within the same field. Built in seating will provide shelter and comfort for performer and audience alike whilst the vibrant colour scheme and frosted glass design will draw attention and build intrigue in the space.


Possible logos Image icon IMG_2215.JPG Research data
Many boards for busker box Image icon IMG_2213.JPG Research data
Busking boxes finished business model. Image icon IMG_20170219_145403.jpg Business model
Business model Image icon DSC_0970.JPG Business model
The sound team with all of our hard work over the course of the jam! Image icon IMG_20170219_143905.jpg Pitch presentation
Initial thoughts and designs Image icon IMG_20170219_140534.jpg Research data
Busk box prototypes Image icon IMG_2211.JPG, Image icon IMG_2208.JPG Documentation of prototype
Busk box prototypes Image icon IMG_2211.JPG, Image icon IMG_2208.JPG Documentation of prototype
Full service blueprint - illustrated Image icon IMG_20170219_122342.jpg Service blueprint
Taking our prototype out in to the city Image icon DSC_0953.JPG Documentation of prototype
Customer/user/business experience journey map Image icon IMG_20170219_120809.jpg Service blueprint
Taking our prototype out in to the city Image icon DSC_0955.JPG Documentation of prototype
Busker experience journey map Image icon IMG_20170219_120759.jpg Customer journey
Public service journey map Image icon IMG_20170219_120749.jpg Service blueprint
The miniature is ready to hit the streets for public reaction and feedback File VID_20170219_121707.mp4 Documentation of prototype
The buskers have arrived!! Image icon IMG_20170219_121919.jpg Documentation of prototype
Nice light, shows off how the buskbox material would react to the environment on a large scale Image icon IMG_20170219_114412.jpg Documentation of prototype
Information board Image icon IMG_20170219_114404.jpg Documentation of prototype
Performance space Image icon IMG_20170219_114139.jpg Documentation of prototype
Inside the buskbox Image icon IMG_20170219_114110.jpg Documentation of prototype
Busker in box File buskerbox test (Stitched Clip).mp4 Documentation of prototype
Birdseye perspective Image icon IMG_20170219_114057.jpg Documentation of prototype
Making it rain on the glass roof! File VID_20170218_194320.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Adding some tables and a crowd to our miniature busy boxes! Image icon IMG_20170219_114033.jpg Documentation of prototype
busker box 2 Image icon busker box 2.JPG Documentation of prototype
Busker box test Image icon burker box 1.jpg Documentation of prototype
Fourth logo design Image icon IMG_20170219_113637.jpg Documentation of prototype
Third potential logo design Image icon IMG_20170219_113209.jpg Documentation of prototype
Starting our journey map Image icon IMG_2097.JPG Customer journey
Second potential logo design Image icon IMG_20170219_111430.jpg Documentation of prototype
First potential logo design Image icon IMG_20170219_105719.jpg Documentation of prototype
Day 3 begins Movie icon trim.4D962CC1-FB33-454E-AEEB-DC6195210207.MOV Other
Second prototype - the BuskBox! Image icon IMG_-nthkkz.jpg Documentation of prototype
Prototyping materials Image icon IMG_db4159.jpg Documentation of prototype
One of our first prototype ideas, an outdoor glass ceiling between adjacent streets to reduce noise levels rising Image icon IMG_20170218_232332.jpg Documentation of prototype
Presenting out first prototype Image icon IMG_20170218_232102.jpg Pitch presentation
Initial thoughts into sound Image icon IMG_-t3lccb.jpg Insights
Although in the end we didn't run with this idea, we had explored a waterproof glass ceiling to cover a busking street. The aim was to suppress noise pollution at the same time as creating a welcoming space. File MOV_0937.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Prototype Image icon IMG_2190.JPG Documentation of prototype
Going round people groups and seeing where they are Image icon IMG_2068.JPG Pitch presentation
Group dance session Movie icon trim.3E173DAE-DE59-480A-9E80-03C7B3EB8380.MOV Other
Close up of mark 2 Image icon IMG_2070.JPG Documentation of prototype
Starting to look into the service we are creating Image icon IMG_2069.JPG Service blueprint
Our team table Image icon IMG_2073.JPG Other
Refinement of our idea and giving it backbone Image icon IMG_2072.JPG Documentation of prototype
Mark 1 of our busker space which was a really big idea we had to rein in Image icon IMG_2071.JPG Documentation of prototype
stuff Image icon IMG_1374.JPG, Image icon IMG_1376.JPG, Image icon IMG_1380.JPG, Image icon IMG_1383.JPG, Image icon IMG_1388.JPG Documentation of prototype
Mark 2 of our busker box in the making Image icon IMG_2066.JPG Documentation of prototype
Had a Skype call with Istanbul and we bounced back ideas, ultimately helping each other progress forward Image icon IMG_2065.JPG Insights
The beginning of our service map and the refinement of our end goal Image icon IMG_2063.JPG Service blueprint
Second presentation helped us understand how we can bridge a gap between our potential service and it's end users Image icon IMG_2060.JPG Insights
One of two presentations which got our group ready to make and do Image icon IMG_2058.JPG Insights
Found amazing playful comic art work which helped enhance our ideas of creating a playful and relaxed environment Image icon IMG_2053.JPG Research data
We took to a museum, to find out how quiet space deals and uses sound Image icon IMG_2055.JPG Research data
Found a busker, we got a chance to ask him how he views sound and it's relationship with the public Movie icon trim.808068F5-ABFC-4FE7-AECB-3F40BA44A4C9.MOV Research data
Had the pleasure to witness sound being used as a form of protest Movie icon trim.80BFF868-143E-466C-95E5-8F92723514EB.MOV Insights
We to a charity shop run by a Hard of hearing community to understand their relationship to sound and how it affects their public space Image icon IMG_2045.JPG Research data
We first stopped off at a music shop, to see how music environments interact with the public Image icon IMG_2047.JPG Research data
And sounds of the sea Image icon IMG_2044.JPG Insights
We took sounds of the winds Image icon IMG_2043.JPG Insights
Whilst walking round we documented sounds to immerse ourselves in our project Image icon IMG_2042.JPG Insights
The venues we wanted visit that we felt would gives us the best information Image icon IMG_2040.JPG Documentation of prototype
The questions we set out to ask our users Image icon IMG_2038.JPG Documentation of prototype
Our first brainstorm on the direction we wanted to head down Image icon IMG_2036.JPG Other