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Making Visitors Feel Welcome



Our Team is looking at how to make visitors feel more welcome. This could be emotionally or visually.


People connections map Image icon People connections map.jpg Other
Final persona Image icon Final persona.jpg Persona
Final Prototype Image icon Fina Prototype.jpg Documentation of prototype
Define Initial Hunch Image icon Define Initial Hunch.jpg Other
Test in the bus station Image icon Prototype test (bus station).JPG Documentation of prototype
Test out the prototype Image icon Prototype Test.JPG Documentation of prototype
Questions for field research Image icon Interview Questions.jpg Other
6 personas Image icon Persona 1.jpg, Image icon Persona 2.jpg Persona
Insights from field research Image icon Insights.jpg Insights
Role Play Image icon Role Play.jpg Customer journey
Storyboard Image icon Storyboard.jpg Customer journey
build prototype Image icon build prototype 4.JPG Documentation of prototype
improve prototype Image icon build prototype 3.JPG Documentation of prototype
interviewee opinions Image icon field research 2.JPG Research data
improve prototype Image icon show and tell.jpg Documentation of prototype
define audience Image icon exploring target audience.jpg Persona
build prototype Image icon build prototype 2.jpg Documentation of prototype
build prototype Image icon build prototype 1.jpg Documentation of prototype
analyse data Image icon analyse data collected during field research.jpg Research data
These are some field research we did in the city centre. By interviewing some of the people around the market, we got many interesting views towards "What makes you feels welcome?" Image icon 16808580_10155004946746730_1306708897_n.jpg, Image icon 16808619_10155004946591730_1428781743_n.jpg, Image icon 16808777_10155004946106730_1242997155_n.jpg, Image icon 16809283_10155004946701730_1145139188_n.jpg, Image icon 16809291_10155004946136730_1355663415_n.jpg, Image icon 16809537_10155004946581730_1779794637_n.jpg, Image icon 16809741_10155004946111730_2039168991_n.jpg, Image icon 16809847_10155004946576730_1972469932_n.jpg Research data
pictures of street research Image icon 539031284658269305.jpg, Image icon 520656056424404746.jpg, Image icon 348485319574634139.jpg Other