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Breaking Down Barriers

Breaking Down Barriers


An exploration of the different barriers we face in our everyday lives and how we can break through them.

Our final prototype, IDKloth, can be themed for use in cafes, organisations and schools to provide a safe and non-judgemental environment for people to talk/draw/write about anything they are unsure of.

We hope that this tool will create discussions for people to move forward and become more confident by their own means, without the need for a facilitator/person of authority.


User map Image icon IMG_6578.JPG Implementation plan or roadmap
How our prototype works! Movie icon trim.714C9F99-BA99-4CB3-81D7-F5562BA522C9.MOV Documentation of prototype
A short business model Image icon IMG_8411.JPG Business model
Rebecca breaking her barrier Movie icon trim.8B2FF349-C3B3-4FDB-B1B6-69B5B98BA829.MOV Research data
The table clloth - I dont know klloth - IDKLOTH Image icon P1090749.JPG Service blueprint
Some serious pondering over our final prototype Image icon IMG_6573.jpg Insights
The birth of the IDKLOTH Image icon IMG_0520.JPG Documentation of prototype
Conducting street research Image icon IMG_0489.JPG Research data
Asking Workers on the Street Image icon IMG_0494.JPG Research data
Conducting street research Image icon IMG_0478.JPG Research data
Breaking Employment Barriers Movie icon trim.B9B21EA1-76A4-4196-9110-5DE823E08E12.MOV Research data
Honing in on purpose/ use Image icon IMG_0516.JPG Documentation of prototype
What will a tablecloth do? Image icon IMG_0515.JPG Documentation of prototype
a few initial sketches just to get ideas down Image icon 20170219_090513_resized_1.jpg Documentation of prototype
narrowed down ideas taken from our initial street research Image icon 20170219_090503_resized_1.jpg Insights
prototype of first idea - the listening phone Image icon 20170219_090454_resized_1.jpg Documentation of prototype
Personas for working out designs Image icon 20170218_205034_resized.jpg, Image icon 20170218_205029_resized.jpg Persona
Findings from street research Image icon 20170218_205045_resized.jpg Research data
questions to stop the process dependant on needs Image icon P1090737.JPG Documentation of prototype
A place to say its ok to not know for all Image icon P1090742.JPG Pitch presentation
The cup of confidence Image icon P1090741.JPG Pitch presentation
communicating difficulties Image icon P1090738.JPG Pitch presentation
The homing table cloth Image icon P1090736.JPG Pitch presentation
I dont know cafe Image icon P1090739.JPG Pitch presentation
IDKAFE Image icon image.jpg Documentation of prototype
Breaking Barriers Movie icon trim.D09BECA3-143A-4533-A9A1-3770DD437A35.MOV Research data
Breaking Barriers Movie icon trim.EC610CD3-5188-48EE-AF6B-1E08D7C3DCC8.MOV Research data
Research Image icon IMG_0477.JPG Other
Presenting field research back Image icon IMG_20170218_133634.jpg, Image icon IMG_20170218_133630.jpg, Image icon IMG_20170218_133618.jpg Research data
Innital post it research Image icon IMG_20170217_204229.jpg Other
hello Image icon 20160501_161845.jpg Other