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Circle O me

Start a conversation with strangers!


How to let others know that I'm in a mood to meet new people and happy to share a table and time with random company :)

Our idea is to break the ice between strangers who are bored, but who don`t know whether the person next to them is willing to talk to them. We want to circle you with people with the same interests and who loooooove to communicate and talk.
Don`t kill your time on phone or social media - there are real PEOPLE and IDEAS you can share ;)
The world is full of people who love to communicate - with few exceptions!
Let us find the people who are like you!


Prototype 3 - Video File Prototype 3.mp4 Documentation of prototype
This is Mari Image icon Persona
This is Sophey Image icon Persona
Basic concept of our service idea! File Concept.docx Implementation plan or roadmap
Prototype 2 - Labelling People - Idea was to label people (with a green dot) who are openminded to start a conversation with a stranger whom they would recognize (with the same green dot/label). File Prototype 2.docx, Image icon IMG_8343.JPG, Movie icon MVI_8345.MOV Documentation of prototype
Prototype 1 - Lottery tables to meet new people with additional questions on some of them. Idea is to initiate people to talk to strangers during their lunch time. File Prototype 1.docx, Image icon IMG_8278.JPG, Image icon IMG_8279.JPG, Image icon IMG_8280.JPG, Image icon IMG_8281.JPG, Image icon IMG_8285.JPG, Image icon IMG_8291.JPG, Image icon IMG_8295.JPG, Image icon Sequence 02.gif, Image icon Sequence 02_1.gif, Image icon Sequence 02_2.gif, Image icon Sequence 02_3.gif Documentation of prototype
This is Kati Image icon Persona