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Triple Threat

Connect anonymously, communicate indirectly, inspire unexpectedly.


"How might we... alleviate confusion within communication through simple, implicit and non-verbal methods?"

Introducing "O," a social network platform for users to connect anonymously and communicate their emotions indirectly through a live stream.

O users can communicate through 1 of 5 senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste) to others across the globe in a way that avoids language and identity. O is a form of social therapy. It provides users with the relief of getting their thoughts and feelings out without the concern of being judged. Additionally, all triggers are transformed into positive senses for others to experience.

In O, "username," becomes, "usernumber," and logging in requires simply a fingerprint, allowing the user to remain anonymous even in a worst-case scenario where the system is hacked.

This platform is based on futuristic technology. Those with physical disabilities can choose what sense(s) their content is received in. If one user sends a trigger that is sound-based, a person with a hearing impairment may view this sound in a tactile format. The artificial intelligence would be able to better understand individuals the more they use the it, accommodating to their preferences and transforming triggers in a positive manner.

O's system would have the ability to read messages and filter out any that depict faces or words (images, sound recordings, and the like), allowing the meaning of the content to be interpreted completely by the viewers. User profiles would solely display their O Library, a collection of senses they chose to save. The user could also see all trigger messages they sent out, but may not view others'.

Connect anonymously, communicate indirectly, inspire unexpectedly.

User experience video


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