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Where Souls Connect


Hello? lo? o? o - Our interpretation swung two ways - the emotional string that it pulls and the concept of invisibility over time and space.

We souliciters identified an emotional disconnect between two or more actors while verbally communicating with each other.
We are a group of SCAD students aiming to build a community of fluid souliciters who are certified to touch your soul.

When souls connect via the heart.. time and space do not hinder communication. Our service enables an experience that improves human connections by sharing emotions and feelings to curate positivity.


Eliska Skarolkova - MA Design for Sustainability, SCAD
Shreya Dhawan - MFA Service Design, SCAD
Siddhant Patel - MFA Service Design, SCAD
Varun Prabhu - MFA Design Management, SCAD


We're trying to curate our first prototype. We call it "look into my eyes" Movie icon trim.1DF4D5CC-A429-44B7-98B9-7D194A246C1F.MOV Documentation of prototype