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Chat Chow (by Sleepy Grandes)

Engaging dinner table discussions shared globally.


- The prompt "hello? lo? o? o." represents the loneliness created by our
societies' lack of quality communication.

- In response, we are creating a subscription service to facilitate fun,
dynamic, conversations about small and big issues, updated monthly.
Creativity would be expanded thorough randomized roles and prompts.

- The resulting ideas, feelings and solutions would be tracked and shared
globally, to promote a larger understanding of complex issues.


Lillian Hubbell - BFA Service Design - SCAD
Ailsa Petrie - BFA Industrial and Service Design - SCAD

Additional Help from
Brandon Anderson
Carol Massa

Concept Utilized: The 6 Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono


Chat Chow: engaging dinner table discussions shared globally. File videoplayback.mp4 Pitch presentation