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Magic 8 Ball says....


For people who experience severe anxiety in everyday decision making. Moxie provides an interactive online tool that suggests practices to help build confidence and relieve anxiety around making decisions.


Peter Sharp – MFA Service Design –
Greg Skaggs – MFA Painting/Drawing –
Katherine Brown- BFA Industrial-
Soya Cui- M.A. Design Management -


app Image icon Screenshot 2017-02-19 16.20.09.png Documentation of prototype
even more Image icon IMG_3181.JPG, Image icon IMG_3186.JPG, Image icon IMG_3202.JPG Documentation of prototype
presentation of prototype Image icon Artboard_final.jpg, PDF icon moxiecards.pdf, Image icon IMG_5959.JPG, Image icon IMG_5961.JPG, Image icon IMG_5960.JPG Documentation of prototype
Video showing one scenario walk through of Moxie File MOXIE_1.mp4 Pitch presentation