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Space Jam

Conference Connection


We are here to facilitate meaningful connections between conference participants in a smarter and more interactive way.


Verifying the concept with users File Interview data.docx Research data
Service Jam Copenhagen_Conference Connected Map PDF icon ServJam_map.pdf Other
final version of the landing page for our service PDF icon 2016_CPHJam.pdf Documentation of prototype
three personas (draft) PDF icon Personas.pdf Persona
interview questions we did with conference paricipants PDF icon interview-questions.pdf Insights
(Pretending) we are working on our pitch presentation Image icon Group work.jpg, Image icon Group work 2.jpg Pitch presentation
Interviewing users Image icon Phone call 1.jpg, Image icon Phone call 2.jpg, Image icon Phone call 3.jpg Research data
Pretotype Image icon iPhone 5SE – 1-2.png Insights
First prototypes in making Image icon IMG_20170218_141102.jpg Documentation of prototype
Our interactive prototype in action File VID_20170218_152137.mp4 Documentation of prototype
App prototype Image icon First prototype.png Documentation of prototype
Brainstorming ideas Image icon image.jpg Research data
First step of prototyping Image icon image.jpg Documentation of prototype
Our mission... Image icon image.jpg Other
Prototyping... No, Pretotyping! Image icon IMG_1785.JPG Insights
brainstorming Image icon IMG_20170218_115048.jpg Insights
brainstorming Image icon IMG_20170218_115011.jpg Insights