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A service to help you get back with your friends in festivals


Friendlish will enable you to find your friends at a festival when you have lost them.
On your command the wristband will try to find your friend. The wristband will function as a compass to lead you to your friend, so you can go to the next concert together, or get dinner.

After exploring the theme and ideating on the exploration friday evening. We continued Saturday with the help of our mentor making sure that our customer journey were covering all aspects. There was paid attention to the different touchpoints, both big and small.
After prototyping the different touchpoints we went out and validated the concept with users based of the representations of the service.
The validation went fine, but the ideas need further work before we can present it Sunday and get the worlds praise for some fantastic work.

On sunday we made a perfect presentation and a fantastic video!
We are gonna win this shit :D


Evas horse (maybe a dino) Image icon ok3.jpg Other
Another picture of the wristband Image icon ok2.jpg Documentation of prototype
Paper/clay prototype of wristband with friendships chips Image icon ok1.jpg Documentation of prototype

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