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Information Guarder for Aged People

I.G. Boy which is a virtual robot, purifies the internet information, make aged men close to the young.


It is true that we are in the information explosion society, however, the false information may bring many harm to people, especially the aged ones, who are more vulnerable, as they more likely to accept the information they get from the Internet, and may like to spread to more people. The youth, may get bored, or even angry about the false information they get from the aged one, which may effect the relation between the aged and the young people.

I.G. Boy comes to solve the problem, it offers the function to check whether the information is true or not, and give them warnings. By doing this, it cooperates with the third part authority organisation, which could guarantee the the true information. When the aged people open the article from the Internet, it can automatically do checking and warning.


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