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Hello World

Gamification of Communication


Created an Experience where users interacted by sharing their understanding of Emoji's. Some users were surprised by other users meanings of a common emoji.

Secondly, we took people back to hieroglyphics through communication in only emoji's. Helping them to understand how miscommunication or the break down of communication happens. This proved to be a difficult and amusing activity for all.


Planning of prototype Movie icon trim.D0D32CBF-9AB0-49F9-97FB-409207F56BC5.MOV, Movie icon trim.5DF3185A-9E67-4628-A307-D5A47B8C404C.MOV Documentation of prototype
Hello World Team Presentation Movie icon IMG_3856.MOV Pitch presentation
Describe in all emojis the response to a posed question Image icon IMG_3829[1].JPG, Image icon IMG_3824[1].PNG, Image icon IMG_3828[1].PNG, Image icon IMG_3825[1].PNG, Image icon IMG_3826[1].PNG, Image icon IMG_3827[1].JPG, Image icon IMG_3830[1].PNG, Image icon IMG_3831[1].PNG, Image icon IMG_3832[1].PNG, Image icon IMG_3833[1].PNG, Image icon IMG_3834[1].PNG, Image icon IMG_3835[1].PNG Documentation of prototype
Hello World Image icon MKBY2775[1].jpg Documentation of prototype

Team members