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Parmesan Chicken

Using technology to help you make true friendships anywhere you are.


Our product is Who's Here? A kiosk that is placed at popular venues in a city (e.g. Restaurants, gyms, etc.). By interacting with it, users can find other people at the venue who wouldn't mind having company. Whether you're joining someone for a meal, splitting a bottle of wine, or just looking for a gym buddy, Who's Here? helps you find real people who are ready to make a new friend, anywhere.


First run Movie icon trim.C2839128-1478-4148-8728-CA6F60A530A0.MOV Documentation of prototype
Ideation Image icon IMG_3271.JPG Other
Ideation Image icon IMG_3270.JPG Other
Ideation Image icon IMG_3268.JPG Other
Customer journey Image icon IMG_3274.JPG Customer journey
Making new friends while conducting research Image icon IMG_3276.JPG Research data