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Zenephants // The Chillax Room

Using A.I., we aim to facilitate a cultural shift by infusing mindfulness into community spaces


Chillax room is a private space where you can take a 15-20 minute break to enjoy a customized stress reduction experience on the job.

Our purpose is to reduce human suffering (stress, anxiety, apathy, strained communication and relationships) and increase quality of life through mindfulness, in our culture-at-large, the workplace, and on an individual level.

Using the most advanced artificial intelligence technology, we teach people mindful life skills, through experiential and reflective education, reducing human suffering and increasing quality of life. The workplace benefits of using our services include, but are not limited to - stress and anxiety reduction, improved productivity, improved focus, increased collaboration, and increased satisfaction at work and in all your relationships - resulting in higher employee satisfaction and an increase in ROI.

Each client will be equipped with a minimum of 1 Emergency Chillax Room and 1 Standard Chillax Room. Each user's experience will be customized based on their intake, data input, and user history.

Our service is available to businesses and individuals around the world.


More prototyping Image icon IMG_2568 (1).JPG Documentation of prototype
Prototyping Image icon IMG_2567.JPG Documentation of prototype
Research Image icon IMG_2558.JPG Research data