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Pick Up Planet

"Humanity is a means of aquaintance"


Humanity has expanded to the far far away planets of the galaxy. Now we are in deep need of information about other planets, their resources, environment. Our service unites the planets enhabited by people and cumulates useful information about them.


Video Movie icon trim.F776C72D-0FB6-46B5-AC0F-3F3DEF2467D9.MOV Documentation of prototype
Backstage Image icon P70219-131248.jpg Other
Preparing prototype Image icon P70219-122442.jpg, Image icon P70219-122349.jpg, Image icon P70219-122349.jpg Other
CJM Image icon P70218-153856.jpg Customer journey
CJM Image icon P70218-153856.jpg Customer journey
The empathy map Image icon 5ZiwRRPJGxs.jpg Persona
Concept :) Image icon 8n6HQfKnojY.jpg Other