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Future you


Bank of dreams ideas, plans. Focus on life. Pursuit your future.


Our prototype Movie icon Pitch presentation
Meditation Image icon IMG_20170219_141859.jpg Insights
prototyping process Image icon IMG_20170219_130142.jpg Other
Testing prototype 4 Image icon IMG_20170218_182447[1].jpg Other
Testing prototype 3 Image icon IMG_20170218_165406[1].jpg Other
Testing prototype 2 Image icon IMG_20170218_165355.jpg Other
Testing prototypes Image icon IMG_20170218_182152[1].jpg Other
generating prototype ideas Image icon IMG_20170218_182053[1].jpg Service blueprint
value proposition Image icon IMG_20170218_162413[1].jpg Other
Brainstorming Image icon IMG_20170218_121704[1].jpg Research data
Description of two persons that could use our project Image icon IMG_20170218_121851[1].jpg Persona
Interview with a stranger.. awesome advice from a man with great life experience! File TRIM_20170218_193245.mp4 Persona